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August dawn, forge ahead - Yuxiang family outdoor activities

August dawn, forge ahead - Yuxiang family outdoor activities


August 22

Yuxiang organized a one-day outdoor development activity

on August 22


After a full and happy day

Everyone is passionate

Facing the breeze

Everyone arrives at the destination - Changzhou Fuyang Tianmu Lake Scenic Area with joy

Forget the age

Forget the gender

Forget the position


On this field

All men are equal

Under the leadership of the head coach

Our outdoor activities officially kicked off!


01 Team Building

The activity starts with team ice breaking

The participants break down barriers in an interesting way through interaction

Group ~

The team was divided into the “flying tigers” and “wolves warriors”

Through a series of captain selection, creating team name, singing team songs, display team formation

With full enthusiasm into today's expansion training...

02 Game Session

First step: speed for 60 seconds

Within 60 seconds

Through teamwork and collaboration

One person will be in the field of 30 number CARDS to complete the recognition and turn the action

We get together and brainstorm

How serious we are!

Make haste to 60 seconds

Cultivate team members' awareness of active communication

Know the position and importance in the team

Step 2: challenge 150

Complete 4 projects in 150 seconds -- no forest left behind, river dance, drum roll, passion beat

We all pull together, unity, exciting tense game is going on...


A champion is born

Everyone cheered

The air was filled with the joy of victory...


Third link: Magic brush ma liang

Magic pen ma liang also known as write like an angel

All the players pull the end of the rope

Without touching the brush

Complete the assigned tasks as required by the coach

The fastest finished is the winner

Our fellows work together to write different words

Magic brush ma liang, the test is the tacit understanding of the team, cohesion

And our little friends work very well with each other

Fully embodies the team spirit

Believe that the perfect completion of a thing must be a team of tacit cooperation

Hope in the future on the road can also cooperate with each other, help each other, more smooth

The fourth step: acid

The freighter is sinking

Passengers had to use only eight floating bricks before the ship sank

Escape to an island

During the escape

No part of the crew can touch the ground

Every floating brick must be stamped on

Otherwise, the trainer will kick the brick off

This little game tests the strength of our team

Only teamwork

To achieve win-win results

As the saying goes, "two heads are better than one."

Believe yu xiang family people in this game

Will be more confident in the strength of the team!

The fifth step: outsmart tangram

All the players were divided into seven groups

Simulate seven departments of the company

The seventh group is the leading department

All departments have their tasks

After completing their respective tasks, there will be a "final task" waiting for everyone

Let's take a look at their performance!

With the coach's whistle

Time to rest

It is a pity that

We did not complete the final task

The air was filled with a faint sense of loss

In this game

The test is everyone's ability to coordinate their own work and team work

Although each group did a great job individually

But in the final task did not challenge the success

But it doesn't matter

You are young

Keep up the good work!

The training program was a complete success

Yu xiang received a strong response from the family

Friends feel the importance of cooperation and communication

This has laid a solid foundation for the future work

After experiencing the joy of success brought by unity and cooperation

Everyone felt the essence of responsibility, collaboration and confidence

And the responsibilities of being part of a team

Left outward bound

Back to the broader work environment

As long as we play mutual trust and mutual trust team spirit

Treat every job as a challenge in outward bound

There is no difficulty that cannot be overcome

Challenge yourself and build team strength

Believe our tomorrow will be more beautiful!

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