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Staff of Shanghai Yuxiang Trading Co., Ltd. condole Jiuting old people's home

Staff of Shanghai Yuxiang Trading Co., Ltd. condole Jiuting old people's home


On October 19, 2019, all employees of Shanghai yuxiang trading co., LTD under the leadership of general manager Mrs liu, went into the free restaurant of jiuting town center nursing home of songjiang district, we sent rice, oil, noodles and other consolation products for the aged, and experienced as a volunteer.

In the past three years, we have provided free lunch for 500 people over 60 years old in jiuting town, songjiang district, including lonely, empty nest, low income insurance, senior citizens, disabled people and the extremely poor.For the elderly, disabled, mentally retarded, disabled and semi-disabled elderly free home meals more than 200 person-times;28 families were visited.Shanghai yuxiang trading co., LTD is a long-term support to help the old sincere love enterprises, but also the founder of the free restaurant.

At 9 o 'clock in the morning, general manager Mrs liu led all the staff to the free restaurant of jiuting and donated 26 barrels of "luhua" brand peanut oil and 100 sticks of noodles to the lonely, empty nest and low-income old people. Each barrel of oil and handful of noodles are full of yuxiang staff's deep love for the old people.

After entering the free restaurant, yuxiang employees immediately put on volunteer clothes and started to work. They and the volunteers in the kitchen chose vegetables, washed vegetables, cut vegetables and boiled water together.Under the guidance of the old volunteers, the elderly are welcomed with traditional Chinese cultural etiquette, assisted and guided to their seats.

Free meals start at 11:00 AM.Employees put on hats, masks, gloves, with a sincere and respectful heart, 90 degree bow bowl chopsticks handed to every free meals of the elderly, his filial piety and love deeply moved the volunteers and the elderly, many free meals when the elderly took the bowl and chopsticks also bowed or nodded to him in return.

That day nine pavilion town center nursing home for old people free meals restaurant total received 159 old people for free meals, partners a row of 159 bow, each bow bowed very sincere respect, each bow down partners feel particularly happy."The free jiuting restaurant is a perfect platform for us to put down our arrogance, practice modesty and enhance our virtue and wisdom."Free meal after work, we wipe the sweat on the face said.

Virtue is the most happy!Help others to be happy!Shanghai yuxiang trading co., LTD. Executives and employees for the elderly dozen dishes, rice, soup, bowl......After free meal, wash the dishes, mop the floor, disinfect bowls and chopsticks, and clean the restaurant.They are almost all the first time to do volunteer work, feeling deeply, full of harvest.

In the after-dinner work summary and volunteer sharing exchange meeting, everyone went on stage to share their feelings in this love volunteer activity.

Yuan zhenyu, operation director of Shanghai yuxiang trading company, said: "gratitude sincere, so happy life;Gratitude sincere good, work therefore step by step promotion;Gratitude, kindness, family harmony and happiness...We are not only helping others, but also improving ourselves.

Shanghai yuxiang trading co., LTD. Liu said: "in the future, we will organize more employees into the old free restaurant to do volunteer work, for the old people, but also for the society to do a little contribution, learn to be grateful and pass Thanksgiving.

Shanghai yuxiang trading co., LTD. Employees have Shared their experience of doing volunteer work.Some employees said: to see the good old volunteers so sincere enthusiasm for the elderly service, their very shame.Later at home better filial piety parents, parents do more things

Some employees said: the old people after the meal, still use the boiling water on the table into the bowl, stick in the bowl of rice and vegetables to eat, each bowl is very clean, let us think of their usual waste behavior, often leftovers, also accustomed to, later also like the old people to implement "disc".

Some employees said: jiuting town center nursing home for the elderly free restaurant to use pre-meal time to organize the elderly and yi engineering "disciple rules", here, is not only a free large restaurant, but also a learning excellent traditional culture of the classroom.In the future, I should study di zi GUI well and act in an altruistic spirit.

Gratitude to the executives and employees of Shanghai yuxiang trading co., LTD.Your great love, let the old people feel warm, let this early spring is not cold!

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