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The second season of sales training of Yuxiang business

The second season of sales training of Yuxiang business


On the evening of September 10, 2019, the learning atmosphere on Yuxiang Company's conference was very strong. This is the last lesson of the sales system since June 2019 and it last for three months. At this point , Yuxiang commerce "win in the terminal, forge ahead" sales training ended in the second quarter.

The training aims to “deepen professional accomplishment and develop innovative ideas”. It is a transformational training from being taught by the conference theory to each other's practical exercises. Through customized innovative training methods, the sales team's professional quality is enhanced and development ideas are developed to strive for the effectiveness of performance.

An excellent salesman should keep pace with The Times, learn actively, understand the market trend and company culture, and have sharp observation and judgment on customers.

Through the easy-to-understand teaching and explanations, the salesmen have further understood the knowledge of auto parts, Yuxiang’s brand culture, and the team cohesion. We believe that every sales will pass on the knowledge of auto parts to each customer, and convey the belief of Yuxiang’s brand to everyone.

The theory needs to be combined with practice. Otherwise, it is just an imagination. In an atmosphere of joy, the combination of theory and case analysis is very popular among employees. In terms of sales skills, product advantages, practical operations, etc., everyone learns hard, encourages each other, actively participates in the exercises and interactions, finds problems and solves problems in practice. The lecturer adopts on-the-spot practice assessment and small team mutual PK, and is equipped with incentive strategies with clear rewards and punishments, which mobilize the sales enthusiasm of the entire team, and finally test the learning outcomes of each employee to ensure that they benefit.


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